Business Vehicle Finance

When it comes to funding your Vehicle Fleet there are multiple options available. Finding the right option to suit your situation is important. Traditional methods include.
  • Vehicle Operating Lease - non-maintained or fully maintained.
  • Finance Lease - a cost effective way to get started as your payments are lower.
  • Hire Purchase - you own the vehicle outright at the end of the contract period.
If you want to get the right solution for what you need, then give us a call.

    Truck and Trailer Finance

    Truck and trailer units are a large investment. You need to get the purchase and financing right so you have reliable vehicles and your costs are minimised.
    Profinance understands the cost structures within the transport industry and have experience financing vehicles for freight and transport needs.
    Through working with us and our many suppliers we can ensure that you have the best financing arrangement possible.

    Plant and Machinery Finance

    Having good equipment is vital if you want to be able to meet your customers needs, be compete and get through the work.
    From, Apple peelers for commercial uses to Zipper Cutters. Profinance is able to finance all business equipment that you may need.
    Feel confident knowing that you have the tools to do the job with funding from Profinance.