Funding you as the business owner

You have built your business, worked hard and now its up and running. You maybe starting to think about;
  • Having some fun and enjoying the rewards of your hard work.
  • An environment where you can rest, and be together with your family.
  • Thinking about the future and what retirement may look like.
If you have been working with Profinance for your business needs, it makes sense that we organise funding for the things you want to do in your life outside of your business.

Personal Vehicles

For many business owner's having the right personal vehicle can be important. You may want;
  • A good quality vehicle for mum and the kids.
  • A vehicle that does the jobs that you need while allowing you and your brand to look good for your customers.
  • The purchase may also be tax deductable.

Funding for Your Home

The biggest and most important asset in your life. If you already own your own home it's likely that its tied into your business. Alternatively, if you are about to purchase it will be linked to your business.
Profinance can work with you to make good decisions around;
  • Using your home to access equity that can be used to fund your business.
  • Purchasing or upgrading to a new home.
  • Using your home to leverage other asset purchases.

Funding For Your Holiday Home

You want somewhere to go thats away from it all. That allows you to rest, think and come up with the next great idea.
For many business owners a holiday home is an important part of their journey. It can also provide a focus point for the entire family.
We assist business owners to make the purchase of a holiday home at the lake or the beach a reality.

And the toys? Yes, we can make that happen for you too.